About Jesus

In Jesus of Nazareth we see the beginning of the world made new. Jesus Christ is God come among us. He was born into a time of social instability and revolt. He began his ministry in a land full of uncertainty and fear. Into this place he taught a new vision, a vision of the coming reign of God. It would not be something new, but a restoration of what God’s plan for the world had always been.

In God’s kingdom all are welcome, the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak, the broken and the despised. It is a place of compassion, justice and healing. It is the vision people have always striven for, but have never been able to find. The reign of God marks a completely new way of life. Jesus demonstrated what he was talking about by preaching good news to the poor, healing the sick and calling all to repent and turn to the coming kingdom.

The path of Jesus is not an easy one to follow. This he showed by being executed by the Romans on a cross. But his was no ordinary death; it is through his death that God began the healing of the world. Through his death all of us are made whole and forgiven of sin and guilt, no matter how far we have fallen. And Jesus’ vision was finally vindicated in that even death could not hold him. Three days after he died he walked from the tomb on the first Easter morning and began a new era.

We who are Christians believe in his vision of the world; we put our faith in him as the Son of God and follow him with all of our hearts. It is not an easy path, but we who walk it and take up our own cross know that it is truly the path to fullness of life.